Is your board of directors an effective decision-making collective?
Do your board’s group dynamics invite the long-term resilience of your corporation? 
Does your board have what it takes to thrive in continuous uncertainty?
Permanent Turbulence

Today’s turbulence calls for enterprises to continuously evolve and reconsider their purpose. Boards of directors can no longer evade answering the existential questions: What value does your business bring to this world? What is your enterprise’s role in this ecology?

It is every boardroom’s duty to be a highly effective learning collective, nimbly adapting your enterprise to the ever-changing context of your ecology. I support boards as they work through the identity- and ego-infused dynamics to reach this state.

My work takes place at the edges. As an active observer, I bring the dynamics of group systems into your awareness, allowing more effective ways of being and working together to emerge. Purposeful interventions shift the trajectory and redirect attention as needed, but soon, you do this on your own. The less I intervene, the more you change from within. Leaving your company well-equipped for self-propelling development and autonomous transformation. Long into the future.

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