At crossroads: in need of reconsideration

Most of my clients are considered successfull by external standards. Some seek to progress the impact they have. Some do not feel correspondingly internally at all. All of them embark on a programme because they have arrived at a new crossroads in their life, causing them to reconsider their life choices and shape the future to their standards.

This may be because now circumstances allow them to do so, maybe for the first time. Due to a change in f.i. their:

  • Personal relationships and/or financial situation e.g.:
    • divorce
    • loss of a partner
    • selling one’s own business
  • Career, often in relation to a new leadership role:
    • on boarding
    • off-boarding
    • retirement
    • starting one’s own business

Or it may be due to the fact that the way they currently live their lives is no longer sustainable, perhaps involving:

  • Work/life balance
  • Realisation that life as it’s been lived so far, provides a future too bleak
  • Feeling disconnected from others and/or self (loneliness)
  • Constant conflict at work/home
  • Bore-out tendencies (coupled or not with burn-out tendencies)
  • Dismissal/redundancy

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