Irrespective of their personal motivation for starting out on a coached journey with me, each one of my clients faces a complex situation, the key to which lies within. They are looking to achieve a new balance in their lives and in such a way that they experience more energy and greater fulfillment.

Often the process starts with realising, maybe even grieving a bit, about what apparently was not meant to be; what needs were not met. This allows you to accept the situation as it is, and to gradually change it into a new situation – a situation in which you become energised and inspired by the unexpected new possibilities that come into view.

The coaching programme is generally rounded off to untrain old habits, affecting thought and behaviour, that have become redundant. Finally, we ensure that all the insight obtained and new ways of being are sufficiently embedded so your new ways keep working for you even long after the coaching programme finished. So that you feel confident and able to achieve the future you envision.

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