“As a coach Chantal excels at combining an analytical approach with an empathic one. She leads her coachee to come to grips with past choices and to identify underlying behavioral patterns. Her intense and systematic coaching style will suit the analytical and self-critical mind to a great extent.”

– Historian


“I have worked with Chantal as a collegue for three years. I have gotten to know her as a sensitive, engaged, committed, forthright and conscientious human being. She listens with full attention, is sharp, keeps the overview in a conversation and is verbally very strong. She also knows how to realise a balance between an empathetic and a rational approach, between a professional business like attitude and exuding a personable warmth, between exuding energy and calm.”

– Psychologist


“I have gotten to know Chantal a sharp, analytical en sensitive human being. Her outlook on the world and people is very open, which immediately invites you to ‘think out-of-your-box”and change your point of view.”

– Orthopedagoog (Educational Psychologist)

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