For intelligent, gifted, talented people; sensitive and creative people who are no longer happy with just wanting things to be different and really want to make a change. For those who have had enough of staying where they are, both in terms of their career and their private life, and in terms of their longings or dilemmas.

  • For those for whom meaning in life is important.
  • For those searching for something they find personally fulfilling.
  • For those who are a departure from the norm.
  • For those who don’t always feel quite at home in this world.
  • For those who find it difficult to know what they want or who they are.

Which of your wishes have you still not managed to fulfil? Which undesirable situations do you always seem to find yourself in, again and again? Do you find that the advice and solutions others come up with never seem to work for you? Or are you aware of the fact that you never accept other people’s advice anyway because you are just so stubborn?

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