My family background

My affinity with the gifted stems from an early age, as it originated in the family in which I grew up. I was born in Nijmegen (Netherlands) in 1971 and also lived in the UK, Canada and the US while growing up. I have been living in and working from Eindhoven since 1984.

The engineer and the empath

I am the eldest daughter of a renowned scientist working in the field of biomechanics (with an MSc in Electro-technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology and a PhD in Psychology) and of a nurse who became an entrepreneur at the age of 44, starting up a business in alternative therapies (sport and Akupunkt massages). I inherited my analytical and reasoning skills from my father, and my empathy and perceptiveness from my mother.

The artist and the family man

My sister is an artist working in the very competitive world of music and theatre and is often in demand, while by brother is a warm-hearted family man who fervently combines technology with commercial flair. So we are a very varied family in terms of our talents and interests and in terms of our intensity and sensitivity.

Staying in touch with your own self

I personally witnessed how my father’s life became impossible for him to live due to the fact that he was so different to the world around him, both in terms of what he was capable of and how he behaved. On the other hand, I also see how my sister consistently fashions her life on the basis of what she is passionate about and creates a world around her that suits her. My mother had recognised that giftedness was involved in how my sister behaved when she was very young and therefore set her mind to offering her more stimulation than three-year-olds are generally allowed.

Whereas my father totally lost contact with the world around him and with himself, my sister, through being in contact with her inner self, is confident and is influences the world around her.


So I have seen what the possibilities are on the on hand, and what better to be avoided on the other. It is on this basis that I now work as a coach, to enable well-being in gifted people who are looking for it, and ready to do the necessary inner work. To enable you to take the reigns again, to excert influence on your world, instead of feeling like an toy to be bounced around your environment.

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